The Bomb Harvester – A solution to Europe’s energy crisis

September 15, 2022 Nickelsen 2 Comments

The Bomb Harvester™ is made of specially modified jumbo solar panels and wind turbines, designed to harvest up to 12%* of the energy from a nuclear bomb blast.

Modern Russian nuclear bombs equals 50 Megatonn(!) of TNT, which again equals 5811 Terrawatt hour of energy! With an efficiency of 12%, a single bomb will generate 697 Terrawatt hour, a quarter of all the electricity the EU used in 2020!

With the Bomb Harvester installed at strategic locations, all that’s needed is to tease a difficult neighbouring country into ignoring their previous unwillingness to export energy. Foolishly they’d fire a nuclear bomb filled with energy directly towards the area! And we would have solved the energy squeeze for the rest of the winter.

Russia has a whopping 5,977 nuclear bombs. This could translate into 4.1 Million Terrawatt hour of energy harvested, enough to power Europe for almost 1500 years!

There is still no restrictions or sanctions on the import of airborne nuclear bombs from Russia. While this could change in the future we advise to get started harvesting bomb energy ASAP.

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*Efficiency might decline towards end of explosion

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  1. Great news, good job! Will it be available with some energy preservation technology (battery), or do I have to use all the harvested energy at the moment of capture?

    1. We don’t recommend storing the energy as many countries have wealth taxes on assets, which probably includes energy. If you have 1000V then with a 1% wealth/energy tax there would only be 990V left, and the next year only 980V. So we’d recommend that you use it right away, maybe warm up your room a little more than you need.

      If you are a country then we also don’t recommend keeping the energy, as other countries might invade you and take control it.

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