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November 29, 2022 Nickelsen 0 Comments

After the success and great interest in our website we have decided to launch a paywall and Nickelsen+ subscription service for reading articles behind the paywall. Note that currently only articles about the paywall is behind the paywall.

Currently only articles about the paywall is behind the paywall.

Other articles (not about paywalls) are still free to read for unregistered users. However Nickelsen+ subscribers can also read the articles that are not behind the paywall (with some limitations). They are free to move in and out of the paywall as they wish!


We also have a budget service called Nickelsen+- where subscribers are locked inside the paywall and can only read content inside the paywall. At the moment only articles about the paywall are available, however we are open for request to put even more content inside of the paywall. We’re getting a lot of request for articles about elevators!
It is however possible to pay a fee to be able to exit the paywall if you change your mind.

Sign up now for only $19.99 yearly and get instantly access to the paywall!

We expect people to be as excited as us for this new paywall!
It can create a great sense of community to be locked together inside a paywall, even more so with the Nickelsen+- subscription which you can not easily get out of.

Getting out of the paywall

If you do wish to cancel your Nickelsen+- subscription and regain access to the rest of the internet you can click here* to pay a one time fee to escape the paywall. There might also be other uses that are planning to escape.

You can also consider to buy a subscription with 10 entries/exit to the paywall. Or you can pay as you go for every entry and exit from the paywall. Only $2 to enter and $5 to exit the paywall.

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