The RoboShave Razor

September 16, 2021 Nickelsen 4 Comments

Robots are no longer only doing vacuum cleaning and cutting the lawn as we’re proudly introducing the RoboShave facial hair cutter.

It works while you sleep, avoiding taking up your valuable time in the morning. The nighttime also gives it ample time to work its magic quietly without disturbing you. It will automatically return to its charging station when needed and resumes cutting without you having to do a thing.

Your face mapped

The RoboShave will first create a virtual map of your face using ultrasonic sensors. Then it slowly starts moving around cutting hair by hair according to the selected program. This super detailed and precise cut gives new possibilities for a new dimension in creative facial hair design and culture.

The supporting app lets you select areas where you don’t want it to cut. You can easily set an do not cut area to create a simple mustache or beard. And the app lets you see where it’s been during the last night.

Beard Shop

There are many designs included in the app, and even more can be bought in the app store. If you do have the Nickelsen RoboLawn cutter, you can even import your lawn designs and create a matching beard to your beloved garden. Or you can export your mustache to your garden, which could be useful for example as a hedge.

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