The Future in the future

June 12, 2021 Nickelsen 0 Comments

Here at Nickelsen Enterprises we are very excited about the future. We develop products for the future most of the time, we seldom make anything at all for the past.

We get many questions about the future, and especially “What is the most exciting part about the future?”

It can look like an impossible question to answer. The future has as many different sides as the present. However for us it’s still very clear what’s most amazing about the future.

“So what’s the most exciting thing about the future?”

“It’s the future.”

Yes, the future’s future is much more exciting than our future.

How can we know this for sure? It’s simple, we just look at the future of the past (which is now). And then we compare that with our future, and we see that our future is much more exciting than the future of the past (our present).

We can also compare the past’s past with our past, and while of course the past’s past is interesting in a historical view, it was much less technologically advanced and exciting than our past.

Also, we’re kind of getting used to our future, it starts to seem a bit boring. Especially when you compare it to the future’s future, the future’s future is much more exciting.

And the past’s past is less memorable than our past.

Update: The Future in the future has arrived on Spotify Apple Music! (and other future streaming services)

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