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September 18, 2020 Nickelsen 0 Comments

You probably recognize the frustrating feeling when your phone is running low on battery and there are no chargers or outlets nearby. Carrying a power bank is not of much use if it’s not been charged. And even when fully charged it can only charge your phone a limited number of times.

This is why we have developed the Mobile Coin Charger. We believe it will be very popular among busy business people that are frequently on the road, as well as anyone else that often finds themselves out of power.

The Mobile Coin Charger doesn’t require to be plugged into an outlet. You simply have to add coins to give your phone that long-awaited extra juice.


  • 25 Cents gives you 10% extra juice
  • 50 Cents gives 25% boost
  • $1 gives a generous 70% boost.

Correct change only.

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