Antisocial Magnets for Global Pandemics

April 28, 2020 Nickelsen 0 Comments

We are happy to announcing our contribution to help enforce global social distancing rules with the AntiSocial Magnets.

We’ll use magnets to enforce a 2 meter distance between people. You might be aware of the repelling effect that occurs when you hold two magnets near each other. We use this natural effect as we equip everyone with a powerful magnet fastened to one’s chest.

Whenever two persons wearing the Antisocial Magnets gets closer than 2 meter to each other they will both be pushed away from each other by this powerful magnetic force.

Possible side effects include: Unable to ride any metallic vehicle. Unable to enter some buildings. Might cause unwanted non pregnancy. Excessive usage might bend light beams and cause time/space disruptions.

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