Introducing the Floating Suitcase™

June 18, 2020 Nickelsen 0 Comments

The wheel was invented hundreds of years ago, but even though we all use it every day and still benefit from its functionality it is quickly becoming a very dated product.

Which makes us very excited to announce our attempt to renew the wheel as we are introducing the Floating Suitcase™ powered by Floatomagnetic® technology. It’s a suitcase that doesn’t need wheels as it floats above the ground. Minimal effort is required to drag it with you as the only resistance you’ll encounter is from the surrounding air. And now as an introduction offer the Floating suitcase comes with an included 5000 joules of kinetic energy!

Powered by Floatomagnetic® Technology

The Floating Suitcase uses repelling magnets in place of wheel, this will make it float 6-8 cm above ground at Floatomagnetic supported locations.  The supported locations need to have magnetised metal installed in the floors to enable the suitcase magnets to repel the magnets in the floor and float the suitcase.

This does of course require some initial investment in this infrastructure. To begin with we have partnered with selected airports where we will install floor magnets and aim to demonstrate the usefulness and potential of this technology.

We are now seeking the partnership of a medium sized country to test out countrywide support. If you represent a suitable country then please fill out the form below to enquire about potential cooperation and our terms.

Future development

The Floating suitcase is just the first of a series of products that can be revolutionized by the Floatomagnetic Technology. Huge changes can be expected when countrywide support is rolled out. Vehicles with aging wheel tech can finally retire in favour of the more up to date Floatomagnetic Technology. And all future shoes will of course be made to support Float.

By 2035 we expect all new cities to be built using Float. This makes them much more flexible as buildings can move around much more easily, and a whole city can relocate when needed. It could for example move south during winter or further inland during hurricane season, while also staying quarantined from other potentially virus infected cities.

You might be entitled to use your earned floors from the Frequent Floors Elevator programme as part payment for an apartment in a new Nickelsen city.

Floating Suitcase by Nickelsen Enterprises

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