The HumanAir Conditioner

March 25, 2019 Nickelsen 1 Comments

Heating up or cooling down a whole room is a huge waste of energy as people only directly interact with a very small amount of air that touches our body. We have a solution to this waste and are now announcing a much more energy efficient way of adjusting your body’s temperature.

The HumanAir Conditioner

The HumanAir Conditioner™ connects directly to you blood arteries and adds a small external circuit where the blood is cooled down or heated up (controlled by a thermostat) before being returned to the body’s veins. The whole circuit requires just 200ml of blood, and it’s just like how a regular air conditioner (aka heat exchanger) works.

The cooling function cools down the blood from 37°C to 32°C before it is returned to the body, and is suitable during hot summers in Europe or USA and all year around in tropical countries. Just 10 minutes of cooling with the HumanAir Conditioner will bring down your whole body’s temperature from 37.5°C to 37°C. Similarly, the heating function will return the blood at 42°C and can heat up a freezing person in just a few minutes. During winter you no longer have to wear heavy clothes, and even eskimos will have no worries when there is no more ice that they can build their houses from.

Everything is controlled by a small computer adjusting the thermostat. It can be linked to the HumanAir Conditioner™ APP available for iPhone, Android and NickelsenOS, and you can even set timers so you can wake up early in the morning fresh and cold!

The HumanAir Conditioner device comes in a small backpack and the hookup is done in just a few minutes by inserting the two needles into your arms.

For daily use we recommend installing hookup terminals directly into the neck so that you can connect and disconnect the conditioner in just a breeze.

Big scale deployment

We have also partnered with several major aircraft manufacturers to install HumanAir Conditioning™ system in forthcoming aircraft models. Imagine the cost savings of not having to heat up an entire airplane traveling at 30,000 feet at –50°C!

In this bigger systems people will be seated according to blood type, so that the blood stream can flow from person to person. It will also be possible to select seats according to your heat preference so those who really like it cozy and hot can get 45°C input blood, while the more cold blooded among us can get an input of just 35°C.

HumanAir Conditioning™ system installed in a Boeing 797

Future development – Fashion when clothes are no longer necessary

The announcement of the HumanAir Conditioner does of course raise the questions if people will still continue to wear clothes when they have gotten used to having their comfort controlled by the conditioner. We believe that clothes in 20 years will appear as old fashioned and strange as we today look at secretaries.

This is why we already started the planning phase for Nickelsen Secret™ clothing brand that will cover the required minimums to satisfy religious superstition, while having the HumanAir Conditioner taking care of all temperature controlling tasks previously performed by clothes.

Sample Nickelsen’s Secret fashion clothing. Available in several colors and designs.

The clothing market is a trillion dollar market today, and even counting in the reduced need of clothing with the HumanAir Conditioner there is still a big potential for Nickelsen Secret™ to become a multi billion dollars business.

Prototypes now available. We are seeking investors to make this happen. Please contact now to enquire about investment possibilities and our wire transfer details.

UPDATE: Now also compatible with the DrunkBuddy Dual alcohol removal system. There is an adaptor available connecting the two systems, enabling you to drink comfortably without having to worry about either hangovers or colds.

Illustrations by Roberto Calbucci

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  1. GENIUS!!! A must-have for every overheated chubby man over 40. I got to get one for my self. This will definitely make the summer months feel like a breeze! 8-D


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